Heating Power Flush 
Portsdean Heating is a Kamco Trained and recognised power flushing company. We can offer a full chemical clean of the heating system and the installation of a magnetic filter to maintain the system efficiency. 
What is Power flushing? 
Power flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleaning a central heating system. 
The principle is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris 
from the system. By connecting the power flushing unit to the heating circuit in place of the system pump, boiler or radiator the system can be thoroughly cleaned of lime scale and corrosion debris. 
Fuel wastage 
Without using correct water treatment, corrosion debris will accumulate in the boiler causing 
Lime scale deposition & up to 30%of the system's fuel consumption being wasted. 
Boiler noise 
This increases in frequency and intensity as deposits of sludge and scale build-up 
in an unprotected boiler. The noise is caused by the deposits gathering in the water ways of the boiler in different thickness causing the water with in the exchanger to heat up at different rates causing the boiler to sound similar to a kettle. 
Cold spots 
The familiar cool, low central area of a radiator indicates a build-up of black sludge sediment 
that restricts flow and reduces heat output. 
Frequent venting 
When the top of a radiator is cold during operation, usually air or hydrogen is to blame. Hydrogen 
gas builds-up as a by-product of electrolytic corrosion and is flammable (due caution is required). 
Pump seizure and failure 
The abrasive and magnetic properties of black oxide sludge increases shaft and bearing wear 
in pumps causing them to stick or fail. 
The inconvenience and cost of system breakdown can be easily avoided by taking three simple steps: 
1 Clean 
2 Flush 
3 Inhibit 
How to Maintain System Efficiency 
Adding an inhibitor 
Once the system has been thoroughly cleaned and flushed correctly, as outlined in Part L 
of the Building Regulations and following best practice advice, the use of a chemical inhibitor and 
Scale reducer will keep the system trouble free. Independent tests have recently proven if you protect a central heating system using Fernox Protector F1 500ml, after cleaning, gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time you heat your room. 
Fitting a Magnetic Filter 
This unique in-line filter is the only one on the market which uses specially designed magnetic assemblies to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic particles from system water and contain them safely within the filter. The Filters is not only compatible with chemical water treatment, it acts as a perfect dosing point for any chemical additives. Designed to last the life of the boiler, a magnetic filter be it Fernox TF1 or a MagnaClean system will give a belt and braces approach to protecting your boiler and central heating system. 
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